7 Reasons to Build a Capsule Wardrobe!

12744684_982808818435259_9115532133331926250_nHere I am posting again after only a week.  Maybe I am getting the hang of this three kids and working part time thing.  Or maybe I am just procrastinating on the laundry and dishes. You pick.  (Hint: its the latter).

Anyway I just had to pop in because I have a fun announcement:

My friend Stephanie is going to be guest posting a Series on how to build a capsule wardrobe here at halfkindled!

I have been enjoying doing capsules for myself for about two years, but Stephanie really helped me refine my process, get more organized and have results that I loved!  Plus she is as sweet as pie, but much better for you since she is a health and fitness coach.

Here are seven reasons why you should join us starting this Monday:

1.  Because it will be fun!  I know the process can be daunting at the outset, but Stephanie and I want to make it an easy step by step process.  She is great at building community online, so it will be like getting together for coffee with good friends!

2. You will have a closet filled with only things that you LOVE.   We want to help you let go of all of those pieces of clothes that are making you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious.

3.  You will have less clothes, but more options.  Your wardrobe will be tailored to what your needs are today.

4.  Getting dressed in the morning will only take a couple of minutes.

5.  You will discover and refine you personal style.  Approaching your wardrobe in an intentional way helps you find what styles express you the best.

6.  The information is all free!  Even if you don’t have money to spend on clothing right now, this information will help you in making future purchases.  You might even discover that you already have an awesome wardrobe with what you already have!

7. You are worth the effort!  This might be the most important reason of all.  I know for my part, I used to always think it would be vanity to focus at all on clothes and that there was no place for self-care in a “holy” lifestyle.  Now I am seeing that I was wrong.  Clothes are one of the basic survival needs and it is completely appropriate and even necessary to have at least a few outfits that are comfortable and fit properly.

When I started going to business meetings last year, I knew that what I wore would make an impression on potential clients.  Now I see that the same holds for being a stay at home mom; I want people to form a positive impression of how I present myself as a wife and mother.  I want my clothes to reflect the dignity that I see in my vocation.

I hope that y’all can join us!  We would love to have you.  The series starts on Monday, you can click here to join her group on Facebook (please do, it will be tons of fun)!  Also you can follow Halfkindled.com with bloglovin’ or feedly, I will be linking up unique content to the blog and my facebook page (click the link to like us).  I will be sharing to save money on clothes, and links to a good basic checklist for a capsule wardrobe, and tips for if you are pregnant or nursing.

This could be a great way to get ready for the revitalization of  what I wore sunday!

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