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Catholic Wedding Gifts

Favorite Catholic Wedding Gifts

Catholic Wedding Gifts

Hello all, happy Wednesday.  So I know most people don’t have weddings on their mind at this time of year, but in our house it seems like we are invited to a wedding every month or two.

I guess that is the hazard of having lots of friends and family; also it comes with the territory of having a husband who is a fantastic singer, his musical services are in high demand come wedding season.  One year we attended nine weddings.  Its a good problem to have.

In light of all of these weddings, I have fallen behind in gifts for all of them, and have been using the past few weeks to get caught up.

Most of the weddings we go to are Catholic, so I compiled the following list of explicitly Catholic gifts to give:

1. Papal Blessing

The most beautiful and unique gift on the list.  Papal blessings are not to difficult to obtain.

Step One: Get on a plane to Rome . . .just kidding.  Applying in person is one option, but you can also apply by letter or fax ( guidelines can be found here).


img7732fs Classic Blue Baptism Candle

2.  Personalized Candle

These could easily be made from pure beeswax, or bought from a site such as this one.

Include instructions to burn it every year on the couple’s anniversary.



3. Rosary

I especially like giving rosaries like this one, where it is actually two rosaries that are united at the crucifix.



4.  Religious Art

I especially like giving icons of the holy family.  Or any icon in general, because Eastern art is awesome.




Wall Hanging Byzantine Cross

5.  Crucifix

This is my default gift of choice.  I usually include a note in the card about how marriage is supposed to resemble the sacrificial love between Christ and the Church.  A crucifix is a great examination of conscience in determining how closely one’s love has conformed to that of Christ.



Well there you have it.  Hopefully at some point I can do a post on handmade gifts (for those of all faith backgrounds) that I like to give.  God Bless!

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What are your favorite wedding gifts to give?  If you are married, what was your favorite gift that you received?

*These are not affiliate links.  I have not in any way been compensated for these suggestions.* In fact I have a rather poor relationship with one of the nuns in the Office of Blessings in Rome after she thought I was stealing someone else’s blessing.  It all worked out in the end.