7 Quick Takes- Colds, Whole 30, and Camping, Oh My!

7_quick_takes_sm1I am officially joining up with Jen at Conversion Diary for my first ever Seven Quick Takes Posts.  To any first time visitors, I apologize.  You aren’t catching me at my best because:

1.  My whole family has had a nasty head cold for over 11 days now.  This cold is a ninja.  You think you have it under control and you are on the mend, and then it rebounds and you find yourself walking around with a roll of toilet paper.  And you foolishly take the toilet paper to Mass, where your toddlers attempt to tp the pew with it while you pray.

2.  After returning from vacation, Nathan decided to join me in a Whole 30.  For those of you unfamiliar with the concept you basically only eat whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and meat for a whole 30 days.  The list of banned foods includes: anything with gluten; anything with dairy; all grains (rice, oats, quinoa, etc); chocolate; alcohol; potatoes; beans; peanuts; honey; stevia; any baked good, even if it isn’t made with any of the aforementioned ingredients.  Its like Lent, but only for 30 days.

We were doing it primarily because we felt we needed a nutritional “reset” and that our bodies were craving super nourishing foods.  As an added bonus, he has lost 15 lbs.  I lost 3, because that’s how my body rolls when breastfeeding.

3. To compensate I have been binging on books.  I have read about 2,000 pages in the past two weeks . . . and the vast majority of it has been Harry Potter.  I never read it as a kid, so I thought I would give it a try.  Thus far I have mixed feelings, but will withhold final judgement till I am finished with the series.

4.  My son is obsessed with the piano guys CD.  Fortunately I approve of it, and find it enjoyable to listen to.  My favorite track is this one:

Sam’s favorite track is of course this one:

In order to listen to the entire CD and not just track 6 on repeat, I told him all of the songs were about Darth Vader.  Now as we listen to the CD, he will narrate the life of Darth Vader to Ana: “This is where Dark Vader fell in love.  He had two babies, Luke and Leia. Oh, now R2D2 is falling in love!”

5.  I am remodeling the laundry room!  So excited!  No more will that room be the domain of spiders and the occasional banana slug.  I started painting last night and met my goal of finishing one wall.  Nathan was not thrilled when he walked in, at 10:00 P.M. to find me gleefully dancing on my step ladder with a loaded paint brush.  Nevertheless, he lovingly offered to help me.  After we had finished, I offered to play video games with him.  We both went to bed happy.

6.  Nathan and I are on a Stargate Atlantis kick right now.  At least once a week, one of us sneaks up on the other and pretends to suck the life out of the other like a wraith.  We may or may not have done this in the basement of the library before we were dating.  It was one of the first times he thought he loved me, haha.

7.  We are going on our first family camping trip this weekend.  I have visions of Sam trying to re-enact Curious George Goes Camping by running away into the woods and getting sprayed by a skunk. Fun fact: Nathan wanted to go camping for our honeymoon.  I refused.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone! Any big plans for how you are going to spend it?



6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes- Colds, Whole 30, and Camping, Oh My!

  1. Laura

    Hope you all feel better soon! I’m impressed how much your little guy knows about Star Wars! That and #6 reminded me: Pat and I bonded back in college b/c we both knew all the words to Weird Al’s “The Saga Begins.” Awww, nerds in love. 😉

    1. kscottkscott Post author

      Oh yes, Sammy is definitely carrying on in his parents nerdy footsteps.
      Haha, That is so funny, bonding over Weird Al. I couldn’t believe Nathan hadn’t seen the music video to that song until I showed it to him last week. It’s a toss up for me whether The Saga Begins or White and Nerdy is my favorite.

  2. Sara Perts

    Aww, what a cute post!

    Sammy’s Star Wars fascination is adorable. I wish we could have gotten him and John together earlier this month, as he’s going through the same thing! =P

    I was on a Harry Potter kick a while ago, too. Like you, I never read them when they were new and SUPER popular. (Maybe both our moms banned them for various scrupulous reasons? Seems like a lot of moms did at the time. lol) I read through the fourth fairly quickly, but was pretty disappointed with the ending of Chamber of Secrets for reasons I won’t disclose in case you’re not finished with that one yet. Anyway, it kind of sucked the motivation from me and I’ve only read a couple chapters of Order of Phoenix (#5) in the past six months or so.

    Hope your camping trip was a blast… we tried to go last year, and it would have been fun, except that I ended up plagued with a wisdom tooth coming in and spent most the time miserable. THIS year we joined the rest of my family in a cabin for a week near the Mohican State Forest and just got home today. Good times. :)

    1. kscottkscott Post author

      Sammy and John definitely should get together next time we are in town. They can have a foam light saber duel, haha.

      I was actually allowed to read them, but didn’t as a kid. My brothers were raving about them when they visited so I decided to give them a try. I just finished 5 and am part of the way through six, so I can talk spoilers for anything previous to it. The books are really making me miss being a student, and going to classes.
      Glad this years trip was better than last years!


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