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Capsuled Style: Planning Day

unnamed (1)And we are back for Day 2.  Today we are getting into the planning phase of our capsule wardrobes.  I can’t wait.  Here is Stephanie to walk us through the process:

Alright! Let’s get into this! So today’s task is super simple and fun. Think of this as our BRAINSTORMING day. What I want you to do is to get some INSPIRATION for your wardrobe.


Because part of creating your capsule requires that you have a goal for your closet. So here are the four things I want you to decide (and it’s ok if these change by the end of the week….we just want to get an idea of where to start).

  1. What is your day-to-day life like? Are you a stay at home mom, do you work outside the home, do you travel a lot, do you have limited closet space, do you go to a lot of fancy events, are you expecting or will you be this season?
  2. How many pieces do you want in your wardrobe (this number can include tops, bottoms, dresses, scarves, shoes and necklaces, but not pjs, activewear, etc)?  This can be ANY number you want. Some people have as few as 10…others have as many as 60. And some people decide to NOT include things like accessories or basic tees in their number. It’s up to you.
  3. What colors do you like? Think about what colors flatter you as well as what colors make you happy. Consider the season also. Your palette might change with the season. Also, consider how small you want your capsule to be. The more color, the less flexibility typically. Picking colors that fit in the same palette will allow you to mix and match more.
  4. What kind of overall style do you want your wardrobe to emanate? Minimalist, modern, relaxed, vintage, professional, bohemian, elegant, sporty, edgy, romantic, sophisticated….you get the idea.
  5. What kind of outfits do you wear the most? Thinking of your wardrobe in terms of 3-4 “uniforms” really helps you get rid of and not buy pieces that you don’t gravitate towards and don’t fit organically into your closet. For example, I gravitate towards causal knit dresses with leggings, or jeans with a sweater and scarf. But maybe you are a jeans and tee person. Or maybe you prefer skirts.

Here are some ways to get INSPIRED

  1. Create a Pinterest board and search for capsule wardrobe from other pinners (I’ll post some boards I found in the facebook group to help you get started.
  2. Pick up some magazines. (Vogue, redbook, style, you get the idea; real simple also has some great fashion advice too)
  3. Past fashion icons! A great way to get inspired is to go back to tried and true styles. Think Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana, etc.

Today’s TASK:

Post the following

  1. How many pieces you want in your wardrobe (a range is fine).
  2. Use 2-3 words to describe your style.
  3. A color palette (or several) you think will work for you.

Post pics or links too to help us get an idea of what you are thinking! That makes this whole process more FUN and we can hopefully give you better feedback for your capsule. 😊

PS Do not get disheartened if you feel like you don’t have an answer to these three things. It’s all about just getting started. Remember, think of this as our BRAINSTORMING day!

Thanks so much Stephanie!  I thought I would jump in with a few links to some blogs that might help in the brainstorming process:

This is probably my favorite series of blog posts on fashion. 

This one is helpful for the SAHM.

If you are pregnant, check this post out.

My friend, Laura, has an amusing ongoing series called Style and the SAHM that you can find here.  

Remember that you can join Stephanie’s group on Facebook here.

I can’t wait to hear what you guys have planned!  What are your favorite colors and styles?


3 thoughts on “Capsuled Style: Planning Day

  1. KatherineKatherine Post author

    I’ll go first! I am looking to have about 30 pieces in my wardrobe. Since I am working part-time with our company, I do need to get some professional clothes. I would describe my style as a relaxed classic. At the moment, I am thinking that I want to go with a color palette of Navy, Light Pink/Coral, Olive and Brown.

    I can’t wait to hear about what you guys have in mind for your capsules!

  2. Rosalie

    Since our weather varies so widely summer to winter—down to -50, up to 100—I really need those long, heavy skirts and sweaters in the winter and shorter, lighter skirts and tops for the summer! So I think my capsule is going to wind up on the larger side, maybe around 50 items? That sounds like a lot, though!

    I’d describe my style as relaxed bohemian, but I lean more classic for dressy/church clothes. Looking at my closet, it turns out that I’ve already largely tuned it to a color palette of brown, cream, dark green, and grey, with splashes of coral and dusky purple.

    1. KatherineKatherine Post author

      Thats the beauty of a capsule wardrobe, you make it as big, or as small as you need to. I use alot of those colors in my winter wardrobe! Good choices!


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