Requiem for a Kindle

Goodbye my friend, it was good knowing you.


1.  Ok, so maybe I am being more than a tad melodramatic.  But as you longtime readers here know, I had a very close relationship with my kindle.  It was a learning tool, a sanity saver, and my book therapy.  And now it has bitten the dust.

2.  Er, I suppose bitten the floor would be a more accurate phrase.  Said floor biting came courtesy of my almost two year old.  As near as I can figure she saw that mommy was stressed out while Sammy was puking yesterday and thought that I needed to de-stress with a good read.  Sadly she dropped the kindle a few times on the way to bringing it to me.

IMG_20150512_153837939 (1)

The culprit, caught red, er yogurt handed doing time in the tub after a separate infraction.

3.  Today I spent probably 40+ minutes on the phone with Amazon spread out over 3 calls and 5 different technicians.  I was hoping against hope that they could help me fix it or could offer me a discount on a refurbished model, but alas no luck.

4.  Instead I spent the time assuring each of the different technicians that, yes I had tried turning it on and off again, and yes I had tried plugging it in, and yes I had tried resetting it, and that it was still unresponsive.  By the time I got to the last technician my end of the conversation went something like this in reverse:

5.  Now I am looking on e-bay, all of craigslist (, and amazon for a kindle.  In the meantime the kindle app on my phone is having to pick up the slack.  Talk about first world problems.

6.  Ironically I was just about to post a rave review of Overdrive after I discovered it at my library.  Free borrowing of e-books!  I am in heaven.  My trips to the library don’t involve enough time without toddler wrangling to be able to select books from the adult section (by which I mean not-childrens section), so e-books have been a lifesaver.  Getting them for free makes it even better!  I just finished up an awesome book by Brene Brown through Overdrive.

7.  Very consistently google search keywords  of: half, kindle, screen, show up on in the top ten search phrases that lead people to this blog.  Needless to say they usually don’t find what they are looking for.  Today said searchers may not have constructive tech advice, but they do have my sympathy.

Linking up with Kelly of for 7 Quick Takes.  Happy Friday everyone!

3 thoughts on “Requiem for a Kindle

  1. Laura

    So sorry about your kindle! I hope you get another one soon because Overdrive is awesome! I also have it installed on my laptop, and sometimes I play audiobooks on it. So . . . that’s something, until you can find a new kindle.

    1. KatherineKatherine Post author

      I haven’t checked out using it for audiobooks yet, but Nathan loved doing that when he was commuting. I will have to give it a try soon!

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