Five Favorite Family Traditions

I love rituals.  They bring such a sense of identity to those who partake in them.  Whether it is a family tradition, religous practice, or national observance, they have the power to create a cultural identity.

Just the other day I was reflecting on how much I love several of our family rituals.  When Anne over at ModernMrsDarcy shared some of her family’s unique traditions, I was inspired me to do the same.

Here are some randomly selected Scott family traditions:

1.  Pizza, Beer and Star Trek Nights- This one goes way back to our B.C. days (before children, that is) when we would do a marathon cleaning session of the apartment and then kick back with Pizza, Beer and Star Trek.  For bonus points we would play a Star Trek drinking game (a sip for every time Picard pulls on his uniform, a sip for every time Worf mentions honor, etc).  We still carry on this one with the kids (they don’t get any beer, of course), they don’t find most of the episodes scary since they know phasers have stun settings.

2.  Birth Day Birthday Cake-  Since we have home births, one family tradition we have started is to make the baby a birthday cake on the day they are born.  Granted I am the one who really benefits from this arrangement, but we won’t tell the baby that.  Then the following year on their first birthday we serve the same type of cake at their birthday party.  Sammy got a carrot cake, and Ana got a decadent (and gluten free) chocolate fudge cake.  Here is the recipe for the chocolate cake, check it out, you will thank me later.  Any suggestions for what type of cake I should request this time around?

3.  Sunday Afternoon Naps- The kids might not be the biggest fans of this one, but Nathan and I sure are!  Every Sunday afternoon, the whole family takes a nap at the same time, it is usually the most peaceful and restful part of the week.  Fingers crossed that we can get baby #3 on board with this routine quickly!

4.  Family Halloween Costumes- Every year we all dress up as characters from the same series, or genre.  This year there is a great debate as to whether it will be Marvel or DC Superheroes, Sammy keeps changing his mind. Since I already showed you our family’s Star Trek Halloween in our birth announcement, here is a sample from our Whovian year:

Sammy was of course the 11th doctor; I was supposed to be Amy Pond, but discovered I am allergic to temporary hair dye; Nathan was Rory.

5.  Fourth of July Family Reunion- Every year as a child, my family would go up to my Aunt and Uncle’s cottage on a lake in Michigan for a huge extended family reunion.  There would be swimming, water sports, and all my cousins would be there.  I remember thinking to myself that it was more fun than Christmas.  Now it is really special for me to take my own kids up every year or two and watch them splash and play with their first and second cousins.

These are of course just a few highlights.  Some other favorite little traditions include family tickle time, date nights and read alouds.


What are your favorite family traditions?  I would love to hear what you do to make special memories with your family! 

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2 thoughts on “Five Favorite Family Traditions

  1. Jenn~Henn

    BC! Lol! I vaguely remember those days…

    And baby totally benefits from their birth day cake – it may just take a while before it gets into the milk supply. You could probably do a spice cake of some sort, if you like them. :)

    1. KatherineKatherine Post author

      Isn’t it amazing how the BC days quickly feel like ancient history?

      Ooh I do like spice cakes, I will have to browse some recipes for them.


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