Capsuled Style: Day 5 Look at Your Loves

And we are back for day five!  Great job we are in the home stretch now!

Give yourself a GINORMOUS pat on the back. You have done the most time-consuming part of creating your perfect capsule! Take a step back and be proud of yourself, because I KNOW you trashed/donated a bunch of things you have been holding onto for ages. It’s hard at first, but I know in a few days you will feel liberated if you don’t already. And slowly your own unique and personal style will start to come through. Treat your new closet as something almost sacred. Don’t let just anything take up space in there. Be sure it is something that gives you a spark of joy!

So now that you have cut your wardrobe down to your LOVES you might be thinking you need some things to really create a well-rounded capsule. Sometimes adding a simple item like a slim black belt or a colorful scarf can really complete your capsule. Maybe you got rid of almost all your stuff and need to do some serious shopping. That’s fine too!

Here are the next TWO steps to putting the finishing touches on your wardrobe.

  1. Step back and looks at your LOVE pile with fresh eyes. Do you see a common thing among your loves? Style, color, etc? Play a bit with your pieces. Think of the 2-3 “uniforms” that you tend to enjoy wearing. Is your wardrobe missing any pieces that would fill in the gaps in your wardrobe? (It is VERY common to have big holes in your wardrobe because if you buy clothes mindlessly then you often will overbuy in one particular area; that was the case with me and my 15 cardigans! YIKES!)
  2. Make a budget. How much can you afford to spend to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe? Consider selling some of your nicer items you are giving away so that you can buy a few new pieces. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to build a well-functioning capsule. However, you might find you can afford some slightly nicer pieces since you are buying fewer things. 😉

I will post in the comments some uniform ideas, some color palettes, and some wardrobe basics to help you guys get some vision for where to go next with your capsule.

Today share one of your FAVORITE pieces from your new capsule!!!unnamed (1)

Thanks Stephanie!  Can’t wait to see your favorite pieces!

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