The XanderMan Can: A New Face in Politics

As far as I can tell from the recent Republican primaries/caucuses, voters are tired of the same-old career politicians.  They are looking for a new face, someone who is one of them.  Most of all they are looking for someone with crazy hair.

My friends I am here to tell you, I have found such a candidate!  No, it is not Donald Trump.




You may be skeptical.  You are probably wondering what qualifications he would bring to the office.  I, as his campaign manager (and mother), present his platform:

1. Committed to Growth- He has demonstrated exceptional growth, nearly doubling in size in just a few months!  No business has ever gone bankrupt under his leadership.  The same can not be said for Mr. Trump whose businesses have declared bankruptcy not once, not twice, but four times.  

2. Tireless-  Alexander is up at all hours of the night.

3. Flexible- Too many politicians refuse to bend, but not this kid!  He is so flexible he can eat his own toes!

Displaying IMG_20160224_142822047.jpgDisplaying IMG_20160224_142822047.jpgIMG_20160224_142822047

4. Unafraid of Demanding Changes- He works to eliminate all the crap- several times a day.

(I’ll spare you a picture of that one)

5. Not Sexist- He would never refer to women as a “beautiful piece of ass” , unlike his opponent Mr. Trump.  While Alexander may think of them as the “ones with the boobs” this isn’t due to sexism, but rather breastfeeding.

6. Non-Partisan- He won’t sign any bill that would come to his desk, he would rather eat the pen.  This will force lawmakers to work together to have a super majority to get anything passed.


Fun fact: His Aunt was Feel the Bern, before Sanders.  No joke.  Her twitter handle  is @feelthebern.  Everyday she gets tweets from Bernie Sanders fans, which is amusing since she works at a conservative think tank.


Photographic proof from 2010.  Its hard to see, but the back of her shirt says Feel the Bern.

7. Proven Ability in Conflict Resolution- Everyone looks at his smile and stops fighting.  If this tactic works on older siblings, it is sure to work in foreign policy.


He has been flashing these huge smiles since he was 4 weeks old.

This is the face of integrity.



On election day vote for the one candidate who could bring true change to Washington: “the XanderMan can.”

Vote Alexander Scott.

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Arrived at last

So after my last post, there was not in fact one more day till labor.  Nope, baby was quite content and decided to wait to make an appearance  . . . for two loooong weeks.  It took shaking the bottle of castor oil and announcing the eviction notice would be delivered the next day to convince baby that the time had come.

Four hours before an attempt at induction, I went into labor.  Three hours and forty five minutes later:

Alexander Scott was born.

We like to joke that he was so late because he was styling his hair.

Seriously, he could give Donald Trump a run for his money .

He sleeps reasonably well, and eats like a champ and gives us the biggest smiles.  Basically he is my easiest baby, yet.

His big siblings are pretty smitten with him


Its hard to imagine life without him now, he brings us so much joy, but its been a long journey getting to this point.  The pregnancy was filled with severe ante-natal depression and anxiety.  Unfortunately, that is just how my body reacts to pregnancy.  I started experiencing symptoms before I even knew I was pregnant, and they greatly subsided within 24 hrs of giving birth.  Pregnancy hormones just don’t play nice with my brain.

Now that baby is here, I feel like I have finally arrived at a good place.  The intense suffering of this year broke me open and forced me to examine all of the pieces as I reassembled them, deciding what was worth holding onto and what needed to be let go.

As far as blogging is concerned, I am done trying to “hustle for my worthiness,” as Brene Brown says.  I realized that one reason I was writing was because I wanted to prove my value to myself through “likes” and “shares.”  I am done with that.  The internet is a noisy enough place, I don’t want to add unnecessary volume.  If I am going to write it needs to be either because I think it will help other people, or because I enjoy it.

I am still going to be posting here and perhaps doing some guest posts for others, but I am going to feel no “need” to post.  I have no idea how mom bloggers with kids who home-school are able to keep up a regular blog; I started writing this post six weeks ago!

I’d better end this quick while the older two are still entertained!  May 2016 be a year of peace for all of us, both in our hearts, and in the world!



One Day More Till Labor . . . Or Not

Oh, final days of the third trimester; how I hate thee.  You bring a sense of eager anticipation paired with uncertainty of how and when things will unfold, along with a desire to avoid the whole bloody ordeal to come.

Do you know what else it reminds me of?  The French Revolution!

Not really.  Rather, while listening to “One Day More” from Les Miserable, I was struck with inspiration.  Seeing how popular it is to rewrite this song these days, I decided to try my hand at it on behalf of massively pregnant women everywhere.  May I present my rendition:


One Day More

One Day More Till Labor

[Mother #1]
One day more!
Another day of false expectancy
On this never ending road to delivery;
These contractions without any rhyme
Will surely come the thousandth time.

One day more!

[Mother #2]
I can not live like this today
Motherhood is not for the fainthearted
[Mother #1]
One day more!
[Mother and Father #2]
Tomorrow could be the birth day
And yet why hasn’t labor started?
[Overdue Mother #3]
One more day on my own
[Mother and Father #2]
Will we ever meet this child?
[Mother #3]
One more day of child bearing
[Mother and Father #2]
Please be born and be with me
What symptoms I have known
[Mother #2]
And now again I have to pee
How much more can I bear?
[Father #3]
One day more
One more day to an induction
Pitocin will flow in a flood
I am ready for this baby
But maybe not the blood
[Dr. and Nurse]
One day more
Watch ’em as they crown
Catch ’em as they fall
Help them come on down
Help ’em out one and all
Here a little nip
Then we stich them up
Hopefully they’re numb
So they won’t feel much
One day to a new beginning
Raise the birth plan up on high
Every mom will be birthing
Every mom will be birthing
It’s a challenge for winning
It’s a challenge to be won!
Do you hear the mother’s scream?
[Father #2]
 My place is here, I stand by you!
One day more
    – I can not live like this today
    -One more day all on my own
    -Why hasn’t labor started?
One day more
      -Tomorrow could be the birth day
      -What symptoms I have known
      -Why hasn’t labor started
One more day to an induction
 Pitocin will flow in a flood
I am ready for this baby
Watch ’em as they crown
Catch ’em as they fall
   Help ’em come on down
   Help ’em out one and all
Tomorrow could be the birthday
Labor might be on its way
Tomorrow we’ll discover
What our labor has in store!
One more dawn
One more day
One day more!
In case you wanted to follow along, here is the original:

I definitely took some liberties by making Valjean sung by a woman and omitting Enjolras.

So now that my to-do list is officially finished, here is hoping that there is only one day more left.

If not, then tomorrow I will be hosting auditions for Les Miserables: Labor and Delivery Edition – it’s sure to be a Broadway hit.  Massively pregnant women singing about their birth experiences: what’s not to love?


Anybody else out there counting down the days till labor?  Any tips for how to make the time pass faster?  I’m all ears!

Five Favorite Family Traditions

I love rituals.  They bring such a sense of identity to those who partake in them.  Whether it is a family tradition, religous practice, or national observance, they have the power to create a cultural identity.

Just the other day I was reflecting on how much I love several of our family rituals.  When Anne over at ModernMrsDarcy shared some of her family’s unique traditions, I was inspired me to do the same.

Here are some randomly selected Scott family traditions:

1.  Pizza, Beer and Star Trek Nights- This one goes way back to our B.C. days (before children, that is) when we would do a marathon cleaning session of the apartment and then kick back with Pizza, Beer and Star Trek.  For bonus points we would play a Star Trek drinking game (a sip for every time Picard pulls on his uniform, a sip for every time Worf mentions honor, etc).  We still carry on this one with the kids (they don’t get any beer, of course), they don’t find most of the episodes scary since they know phasers have stun settings.

2.  Birth Day Birthday Cake-  Since we have home births, one family tradition we have started is to make the baby a birthday cake on the day they are born.  Granted I am the one who really benefits from this arrangement, but we won’t tell the baby that.  Then the following year on their first birthday we serve the same type of cake at their birthday party.  Sammy got a carrot cake, and Ana got a decadent (and gluten free) chocolate fudge cake.  Here is the recipe for the chocolate cake, check it out, you will thank me later.  Any suggestions for what type of cake I should request this time around?

3.  Sunday Afternoon Naps- The kids might not be the biggest fans of this one, but Nathan and I sure are!  Every Sunday afternoon, the whole family takes a nap at the same time, it is usually the most peaceful and restful part of the week.  Fingers crossed that we can get baby #3 on board with this routine quickly!

4.  Family Halloween Costumes- Every year we all dress up as characters from the same series, or genre.  This year there is a great debate as to whether it will be Marvel or DC Superheroes, Sammy keeps changing his mind. Since I already showed you our family’s Star Trek Halloween in our birth announcement, here is a sample from our Whovian year:

Sammy was of course the 11th doctor; I was supposed to be Amy Pond, but discovered I am allergic to temporary hair dye; Nathan was Rory.

5.  Fourth of July Family Reunion- Every year as a child, my family would go up to my Aunt and Uncle’s cottage on a lake in Michigan for a huge extended family reunion.  There would be swimming, water sports, and all my cousins would be there.  I remember thinking to myself that it was more fun than Christmas.  Now it is really special for me to take my own kids up every year or two and watch them splash and play with their first and second cousins.

These are of course just a few highlights.  Some other favorite little traditions include family tickle time, date nights and read alouds.


What are your favorite family traditions?  I would love to hear what you do to make special memories with your family! 

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Wrinkled Time, Imperfect Gifts, and Blue Jazz (A.K.A. What I Have Been Reading Lately)

After seeing the post in which I bemoaned the untimely demise of my kindle, one of my friends (and sometime room-mate) was so kind as to send me a kindle she happened to have lying around.  I shall be eternally in her debt, as I was starting to go into reading withdrawal.

Yes, I know that there is this magical thing called libraries that carry paper books, but sadly this past month has proven yet again that I am not adult enough to return my books on time and avoid accruing fines large enough to lock out my account.  Overdrive to the rescue!  I don’t have to return the books, they just disappear when they are due!

Anyhow, down to business, here is what I have been reading lately:


BY Madeline L’Engle

I had planned to do a more extensive review of this book in its own post, but I still haven’t crystallized my thoughts on its treatment of evil yet.  It is an engaging page turner with themes of friendship, freedom, love, and the unique gifts each individual possesses.  I never read it as a child, but I look forward to reading it with my children once they are older.  The work is set within a Christian framework and often quotes Scripture, but due to some theological inaccuracies I plan on making sure to discuss it with my kids.



By Brene Brown

This book is fantastic.  Since reading it two months ago, I have been recommending it non-stop.  Brene is a researcher who studies shame, vulnerability, and worthiness, and though her topics are heavy, her conversational and humorous style keeps you from getting bogged down.  This book came at the perfect time for me, after writing about my struggles with postpartum depression and anxiety; I saw that although I had made great progress, I was still living the “shit list” as Brene calls it and had a great deal of work still to do on overcoming my shame and feelings of being unworthy of love.  Such a powerful book, I completely agree with Modern Mrs Darcy that it is a book that every woman should read.


By Gretchen Rubin

I was expecting to like this book, after having it recommended to me by several people with excellent taste.  Sadly, it fell flat for me.  It had its enjoyable moments, but this read much more like Gretchen was detailing what she did rather than trying to give ideas of what others should consider doing.  Perhaps these more general ideas are covered in her first book, The Happiness Project, which I have not yet read. I like the concept of doing a happiness project, and have begun work on sketching out ideas for one of my own, but this book was to specific to the author’s life for me.  I think you could make a drinking game out of counting how many times she reminds herself to “Be Gretchen.”  That being said, I still plan on reading The Happiness Project.


Product DetailsRules of Civility

By Amor Trowles

The most apt description of this book would be The Great Gatsby meets Breakfast at Tiffany’s set in the ’30s.  I highly enjoyed this page turner, and am still thinking about it a few weeks later, especially the ending.  Perhaps one of my favorite themes deals with the ripple effect that the chance encounters one has in their twenties will have on the rest of their life.  The beautiful prose is especially remarkable since it is the author’s first work.


Blue Like Jazz: Non-Religious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality

By Donald Miller

I went into this book with high expectations, having loved A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, by the same author.  It was alright, definitely worth the skim read, but I didn’t find myself savoring it like I did his other work.  I did very much appreciate his section on wanting to live outside narcissism, as well as the importance of loving everyone, no matter how broken/frustrating they might be.


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Happy Reading!

What have you been reading lately?  Have you read any of the above books, what did you think of them?